• TRIA has developed the Solution Amain for IFRS to enable financial institutions to adopt IFRS 9 with minimal changes in their information systems by providing core-functions for valuation processes. Based on these functions, financial institutions can calculate required values for Revenue recognition and Loan loss provision including EIR, Fair Value and Allowance for bad debt.
  • TRIA has developed good relationships with OFSA clients in the Asia region over the years, and constantly upgrading the features of OFSA supporting tool, called OFSA Booster to fully support the needs of any OFSA users.
  • Now we are growing up to be a strong solution vendor by combining extensive academic and professional knowledge in finance, mathematics and information technology. As a result of continuous investment in product R&D, we are able to meet customer's requierments in IFRS(IAS39), Managerial Accounting and ALM market as well.
  • TRIA is on the way to becoming an advanced solution provider thanks to a number of critical factors:
  • - Combining financial engineering, academic knowledge and information technology
  • - Accurate, fast and user-friendly solutions dealing with real and complex customer needs
  • - Solution in a scalable framework for easy adoption and one-by-one deployment approach
  • - Experienced human resource and market leading customer references
  • - Marketing and delivery partners with global networks
  • We invite you to find out more about our business, our mission that form the core of TRIA.

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