• Most companies in financial industry is facing more challenges than ever for the recent impacts from global crisis and trying to overcome and continue growing in the environment.
  • Especially it can be used in relation to Oracle OFSA system to run daily, monthly or yearly tasks. The tasks in the batch sequence can be any type of job including Shell script, PL/SQL, C, Pro-C, OFSA process and so on.
  • TRIA provides consulting service in IFRS valuation, Managerial accounting and Risk management area with experiences and expertises to improve business efficiency and decision making process based on the tailored service to satisfy the needs of each clients.
  • SEM Implementations
  • Our consultants offer comprehensive services that significantly enhance the quality of OFSA system based on expertise and experiences. With over 30 implementations of the Oracle OFSA suite of products we can rightly guide to better implementation of OFSA systems than anyone outside of Oracle themselves.
  • Our consultants are regularly updated with the latest releases of vendor products to ensure that our customers enjoy the best advice available.
  • Our partnership with Oracle has grown since 2006 to provide better service to OFSA clients. with many experts who specialize in the delivery of all the OFSA modules including Transfer Pricing, Performance Analyzer, Risk Manager and Budgeting & Planning, TRIA provides advice not only on how to use the application, but also guide in the design and implementation of business methods and policies.
  • IFRS Implementation
  • We provide consulting services to enable financial institutions to adopt IAS32/39 and IFRS 7 with the help of both IT consulting and functional consulting related to valuation processes. From both IT consulting and functional consulting, Advisory services will be delivered on how to leverage technology to implement IFRS system and how to define the real requirement to integrate them into the solution.
  • We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by having a wide range of service coverage including financial engineering, product developemnt and business consulting.
  • Custom Software Development
  • Custom development for the customers is another area where we provide assistance. Our clients often want to employ the most up to date management theories and hypotheses but cannot find an off the shelf product which enables this.
  • Our consulting developers are not programmers who know a bit of business but rather are business people who know how to code. Of course we have good technologists who advise on these matters but the people driving the development should have business solutions in mind.
  • Our OFSA-Aid product is a good example of this. OFSA-Aid was designed to greatly enhance the functionality of the Oracle OFSA product. Rather than reinvent the wheel our aim with the add-on range of products is to take a good product and make it better.

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