• Introduction of Amain for IFRS
  • Amain for IFRS enables financial institutions to adopt IFRS 9 with minimal changes in their information systems by providing core-functions for valuation processes.
  • In the core-functions, there are all the functions related to cash flow, hedge accounting and loan loss provision to satisfy IFRS accounting requirements as well as disclosure reporting needs. The implementation of this solution does not mean to replace existing information systems. Instead, it interfaces all the related data and complements required items.
  • Amain's cash flow engine will provide contractual/expected cash flows for virtually all financial assets or liabilities (except for certain OTC derivatives or market quoted securities). The cash flow engine can accommodate various factors such as customer behavior, amortization type, interest type, accrual basis and compounding, etc. Especially, a user-defined payment pattern and actual schedule method enables generation of exact cash flows for the instruments with non-standard amortization schedule.
  • One of the proven solutions for IFRS valuation
  • a. Combining extensive experience of IFRS practice and Software development
  • - With TRIA's accumulated financial engineering technology.
  • b. Functions and options on a solid and flexible architecture
  • - Amain provides a double-validation mechanism to minimize the unexpected results due to erroneous input data. The input data will be checked before processing and corrected during processing respectively.
  • - Various options are available for Fair Value calculation and Liquidity disclosure to fit user's requirement.
  • - Assumptions can be defined as many assumptions as required can be defined and each assumption can be mixed and matched easily to define a valuation process.
  • c. Providing integrated solutions for IFRS valuation
  • - Covering all the valuation needs including Effective Interest Rate (EIR), Fair Value, Liquidity projection, Loan loss provision and Hedge effectiveness test.
  • - A single reliable cash flow engine has been integrated with all the valuation functions.
  • d. Wide range of product coverage
  • - Amain was designed to cover virtually all the products that can be measured by the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method.
  • e. Providing One-stop service for IFRS valuation
  • - Providing all the SERVICES related to IFRS valuation from input validation to result validation through the intuitive Menu and User interface.
  • f. Performance and scalability
  • - With the features of multi processing, c language and efficient algorithm, better performance can be achieved.
  • - Especially the multi processing Option makes the most of Server resources such as CPU by dividing the single process into multiple processes according to distinct sets of rows.
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