• Introduction of Amain for EPM
  • Most companies are looking for managerial accounting system which is concerned with providing information for use in planning and controlling operations and in decision making. In order to generate these information, two major functions are required
  • - Assigning common cost/income to proper segment/customer
  • - Transfer Pricing the funds between treasury and business unit
  • TRIA has developed Amain for EPM to satisfy financial institution by generating accurate, useful and valuable profiles of profitability on time based on combining advanced modeling and powerful functions
  • Advanced Solution for Profitability Measurement
  • a. Combining comprehensive experience of managerial accounting and Software development
  • - Amain for EPM has been designed based on a real-life project experiences and TRIA's accumulated financial engineering technology.
  • b. Functions and options on a solid and flexible architecture
  • - Transfer rates assigned at the instrument level
  • - Generate Contractual Cashflow and Expected Cashflow based on prepayment assumption
  • - Generate multiple transfer rates to reflect base transfer rates and those that have been adjusted for liquidity and overdue.
  • - Easy Setup and Easy Understanding of allocation logic
  • - Cover Various kinds of allocation type for user flexibility
  • c. Providing One-stop service for managerial accounting system
  • - providing all the services related to managerial accounting from input validation to result validation through the intuitive Menu and User interface.
  • d. Performance and scalability
  • - By the features of multi processing, c language and efficient algorithm, better performance can be achieved.
  • - Especially multi processing Option makes the most of Server resources such as CPU by dividing the single process into multiple process according to distinct sets of rows.
  • Amain for EPM (Brochure)
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Amain for EPM
Amain for ALM
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