• Introduction of OFSA Booster
  • When implementing or maintaining OFSA system, you may think of the need for OFSA supporting tool with friendly interface and validation function monitoring OFSA system. TRIA has developed an innovative OFSA supporting tool, OFSA Booster, based on expertise and consulting experiences in Oracle and onward. It is designed to take efficiency of OFSA system to the highest level by providing easy steps of input validation, OFSA setup validation, Statistical analysis and result validation.
  • OFSA Booster serves as comprehensive supports that significantly enhance management of OFSA system across financial institution. It is composed of 4 components which are OFSA RM Booster, TP Booster, PA Booster and OFDM Booster to provide is One-Stop Service??to run OFSA system.
  • Each component can be used as a standalone application or as part of the OFSA Booster group of applications. Unlike all the other OFSA Booster applications which can be used stand-alone, the OFDM Booster provides the common functions across all other components in OFSA Booster.
  • Practical solution for OFSA system
  • a. Boost Efficiency of OFSA Maintenance
  • - By automating major labor-intensive tasks such as OFSA result verification and RM assumption generation, OFSA system can be maintained more efficiently.
  • b. Performance Tuning
  • - By providing special menus for performance tuning, Users can check and get better performance.
  • c. Minimize Potential Errors
  • - By using the OFSA Booster functions, Potential errors coming from manual job can be minimized.
  • d. Closely Connected with OFSA system
  • - Most screens in OFSA Booster are connected with OFSA system tables and can update OFSA setup information directly when it is needed.
  • e. Input Validation
  • - Provide a function to reconcile and validate the quality of input data.
  • f. OFSA Setup Verification
  • - Provide a function to verify the OFSA Setup by retrieving Setup information and jumping down to related OFSA IDs.
  • g. OFSA Result Validation
  • - Provide a function to validate the results from OFSA system such as RM Cashflow, TP Transfer Rate and PA Allocation Result.
  • h. OFSA Setup Document
  • - Provide a function to generate OFSA Setup Document in Excel format automatically.
  • i. Statistical Analysis
  • - Provide a function to generate Statistical information mainly used in OFSA Risk Manager and feed this information to OFSA system directly.
  • OFSA Booster (Brochure)
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OFSA Booster

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