• One of the major issues in our clients is a lack of internal resource and time to keep the system up-to-date with requirements changes and complex relationship with many disparate systems. with these reasons, it's difficult to bring up the skills required to maintain an OFSA instance.
  • On the functional side, the problems in terms of resource are happening many places. Once the system go-live, project members keep away from the process and functional improvements because the resources are busy doing other things.
  • The problem is that it's quite difficult to find out OFSA expert to give the right advice and troubleshoot the issues in clients. It's a complex system and keeping up-to-date with new releases and functional enhancements is almost impossible for most users. That's where this service comes in.
  • At TRIA we have annual maintenace service program with world renowned experts in the OFSA suite. These are the major service items ;
  • a. Education
  • b. OFSA Performance tuning
  • - Tuning by Index
  • - Tuning by OFSA design
  • - Tuning by Multi-Processing
  • c. Functional enhancement support
  • - Support OFSA system design
  • - Support OFSA system setup & Test
  • - Update system document
  • d. In-bound & Out-bound Interface
  • Whether your problem is technical or functional we can help you solve your business problems.

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